How to Get a Book Published

Publishing a book is one of the challenging tasks that many writers have to face in order for them to reap the hard works and difficult times that they have spent and faced to complete their masterpieces or literary works. To learn how to get a book published, there are some important factors that writers should always consider. In addition, it is important that they follow the basic and simple steps in publishing books. Moreover, there are traits that they should possess to ensure that they would publish their writings even if it means challenges and hardships.

Important Traits

Before exploring the essential steps that writers should follow to publish their literary works, it important that they acquire or possess some traits. Publishing books require patience and determination on the part of writers. It is very rare that new writers find publishers easily. They need perseverance since it is significant that they contact and appointments with numerous publishers because most of the time, book publishing companies turn down works of new writers unless their works are surely interesting and useful. To have ideas about how to get a book published, let us explore the steps that new writers should follow when publishing literary works.


To make sure that they will get their books published, new writers should write books or literary pieces that are marketable. It is important that they get pieces of advice from renowned writers about the topics that truly attract readers. As soon as they are assured that their works are marketable and interesting to read, then it is about time that they visit book publishers.

The first step in publishing books is to approach small publishers since these have limited resources and the number of books that they publish are few; so the chances of new writers to get their works published are higher as compared when they visit famous publishers.

Second, follow the instructions of publishers. If the publishers request that the manuscript should be submitted in a Microsoft Word format, then they should pass documents using this format.

Third, give the publisher several weeks to review the literary piece. If new writers get offers from small publishers, they should grab the offers because these opportunities are few.

Fourth, if their manuscripts are not accepted, they should send them to other small publishers.

Finally, while waiting for the responses of publishing companies, it is best that they write other interesting and appealing literary pieces and send copies of new manuscripts to other publishers, which may have the interest in launching new books or literary works.

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