How to Gain Weight

Perhaps the most common image of beauty includes a slim figure, which is why so many people are sweating it out and dieting with passion to burn fat and stay thin. However, this is not the case for a certain number of people. Even if the current craze for the masses is to rapidly lose weight, there are still people who encounter the opposite problem. They wonder, how to gain weight.

Who Needs to Gain Weight?

Silly as it may seem, gaining weight is a must for some people, especially if health concerns are under consideration. In some cases, people become underweight because they have a very fast metabolism, eat very little or have an underlying medical condition. People with eating disorders are encouraged to eat more through special rehab programs. Pregnant women are also encouraged to take in more nutrients, but not necessarily to stuff themselves up. Furthermore, there are people such as body builders, who choose to gain weight because they want to look better.

Some Tips on How to Gain Weight

When you gain weight, you don’t just expect to put on pounds and leave them as fat deposits on your body. Of course, you must work out these muscles so they are toned and firm. Indeed, it is much more difficult to increase your food intake, and at the same time work harder to exercise, as compared to decreasing food intake and working out to lose weight.

For one thing, try to increase your protein intake, but you must also strike a balance by slightly increasing your carbohydrates and fats intake as well. Normally, men and women need about 50 to 60 grams of protein per day, but to gain weight fast, you might have to double that amount, even up to 150 grams per day for some men. You can consult with a nutritionist to give you the important data you need to create an applicable meal plan. There are also special dietary supplements that help provide the additional protein and nutrients to support your growing muscles.

When it comes to exercising, weightlifting is a means of increasing muscle mass. In other words, this will lead to increasing the body weight of the person. When you want to convert ordinary muscle into bulk, you must lift heavier weights, with fewer repetitions per exercise set. Also, try as best as you can to stick with your weight gain program. It is not always easy, but you will get good results in the end.

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