How to Freeze Okra

A good way of preserving or extending the shelf life of okra is by freezing it. There are different ways of freezing okra. People can wash okra pods, cut their stems, and put them in a freezer to preserve them for several days. However, to those who want to learn how to freeze okra in a way that they can extend its shelf life to one year, there are simple instructions that they need to follow in the preparations of pods before they put them in a freezer.

Materials Needed

To extend the shelf life of okra for a longer time, there are some materials that they will find very useful. Aside from okra pods, they will need a sharp knife, a strainer, and an ice to do this successfully. Other materials that are important when freezing okra pods are zippered freezer bags and a pot with lid.


For individuals who like to know how to freeze okra, the initial step is to purchase green and soft okra pods from supermarkets. People can identify fresh pods from the others because they cannot see any puncture mark on them. After purchasing okra pods, put them in the strainer. Wash them with lukewarm water. Choose okra pods that are not more than four inches and cut their stems. Prepare a pot and pour water in it. The level of water should reach 2/3 of the pot. Boil the water.

Put okra pods in the boiling water and wait for three minutes. Use a spoon to remove the small pods from the water. Afterwards, prepare the large okra pods. Cut their stems and put them in the boiling water for four minutes. Remove the large pods from the water. Pour cold water and place ice in a bowl. Put the okra pods in the cold water. Let the pods stand in the water for five to seven minutes. Put additional ice in the water to maintain the temperature.

Remove the okra pods from the cold water and place them in a strainer. Drain water for at least two minutes. Prepare the zippered bags and put the pods in the bags. Seal them and place them in a freezer.

Warnings and Tips

After preparing okra pods, it is important to place them in a cold storage like a refrigerator if there is no available freezer. When it comes to choosing okra pods, it is best to pick varieties that are smooth since their shelf life are longer than the ridged ones. For those who like to fry frozen okra pods, they can slice them before they freeze okra.

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