How to Eat a Guava

Generally, guavas are known for their nutritional values and health benefits, which are believed to be excellent sources of vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Compared to other fruits, this particular group has high amounts of calcium that is not common among fruits. Add to that, the rinds of guavas are packed with high levels of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system of people naturally. Because of its numerous nutritional benefits, it is but good for people to learn how to eat a guava and get the most out of this all-important fruit.


The very first step that people must keep in mind when learning how to eat a guava is to carefully select the fruit. People must always keep in mind not to pick an unripe guava because it is hard, and the taste is somewhat unpleasant. When selecting the right guava, be sure to pick a fruit that is ripe enough, preferably one with a relatively firm texture. Picking an overripe guava is not that good, and so is one that is still too hard for people to bite.

After picking the right fruit, be sure to wash the guava thoroughly in order to remove dirt and other unwanted elements. Wipe it clean then eat it just like eating apples. One good thing about guavas is that people can eat them completely, from the rind down to its seeds. Some people may find the rind of guavas a little bitter and slightly unpleasant, but this part of the fruit is highly nutritious. Another way of eating guava is to use it as a decorative element in fruit bowls and buffets. In order to do this, simply cut through the fruit until it has a very nice design.

Furthermore, some people love to consume guavas in an entirely different manner, which is through drinking. In this process, ripe guavas are more appropriate as it is easier to blend and grind. Simply cut the guavas into smaller pieces before putting them inside a blender. After blending the fruit, use a clean cloth to remove the seeds from the juice. After that, pour the extract into glasses before adding some ice cubes for a healthy and refreshing drink.

People who want to learn how to eat a guava can also add the fruit in delectable Mexican dishes with salsa. As a salsa ingredient, they can cut a guava into tiny bits and pieces before adding them to the sauce. Mix thoroughly with the sliced tomatoes other key ingredients before serving.

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