How to Draw People

The human body is a complex structure, and one that can be very difficult for the amateur artist to draw. To draw people as accurately as possible you must study and memorize every bone and muscle in the body, how fat can affect the look of those, and what the limitations on movement are. Attending a life art drawing class can help expand your people drawing skills. We have got some tips that can help you know how to draw people.


Steps to Draw People

  1. Starting with an outline of the type of person you want to draw will be necessary for you to move onto further steps in your drawing. There are a huge amount of differences between men and women’s bodies, further research on these differences will help you determine how to draw a person. Also note that most people are about 8 heads tall.
  2. The face can be cut into halves both ways. Most people are surprised to hear that their eyes are located at the center of their head, and you can use those guidelines to easily position the eyes and other features. If drawing a direct profile view, the ear holes will line up center of the head, as well.
  3. Arms and legs can be extremely difficult to draw, as they contain a massive amount of muscle that can expand and contract under the slightest movements. Examining yourself or others while attempting to draw these parts of the human body will be quintessential in knowing how to better draw people.
  4. Hands and feet are something many artists tend to shy away from when drawing people. They’ll hide them in gloves, pockets, socks or shoes which can make the drawing process faster and much simpler, but that image will then miss an element of expression. Breaking them down into simple shapes and moving forward can help you draw them. This technique can be used on every part of the body.

There is no absolute step-by-step guide on how to draw people; however, there are multiple methods you can use to layer a drawing of a person together. Practice drawing each part of the body separately, and then connect them as your skills progress. Draw real people and study their body structure to get a more complete idea on how the anatomy of their body can better your understanding of drawing people.

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