How to Draw a Rose

The rose is a symbol of beauty, seduction and love. When an artist can capture these features within a drawing, there is no doubt that that artist is amazing. However hard it may seem to draw this flower, it is actually a simple task. There are many ways to draw a rose, but we will show you how to draw a rose using digital techniques.

Steps to Draw a Rose

  1. Find a picture of a rose or use a real rose to draw from. Drawing from pictures is fine for practice, but to understand how to draw as a realist, using real life will suit you much better.
  2. Create two layers and begin drawing the outline of the rose. Don’t worry about being sloppy with the outline, as it will be erased completely later on. From here, fill in the rose outline with your base color. We chose a light pink.
  3. You can now use a darker color of your base to form more distinction between petals. Playing with the opacity and hardness tools on your brushes will help you better perfect the image. Go around your rough outline with this color, and provide shadow increases where necessary.
  4. Moving away from shadows, we can now add in highlights. We used an even lighter color of our base to do this, although you can use white or other colors to create more contrast. Feel free to use larger brushes and color outside the lines. You can always clean up afterwards.
  5. You’ve finished your basic shadows and highlights, but now it is time to get more in depth. You can now start to add in more complete shadows. Add in a darker shade of your base, use thinner brushes and changing opacities to make the shadows sink into the back of the image. Use the smudge and blur tool to further manipulate the image.
  6. Using the same techniques as before, further detail the highlights of your image with pure white. When you feel the rose is perfected, make sure to go around your outline with the eraser and clean up any extra smudges.

That is your photorealistic rose! Using these same procedures, you can draw other photorealistic elements for your images, ranging from other plants and flowers, animals and people.

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