How to Draw a Fleur-De-Lis

The fleur-de-lis is a unique and symbolic image used throughout history and today’s modern designs. Translated from French, it means “lily flower.” It is most notably seen on European coat of arms, most commonly on those of the French. Today, the fleur-de-lis can be seen on many business and sports team logos. Drawing a fleur-de-lis doesn’t need an art master’s hand, but it may take some time and practice to perfect the symmetrical shape. Draw the fleur-de-lis on paper with pencil, ruler, and elliptical templates to better guide your lines.

Steps to Draw a Fleur-de-lis

  1. Through the middle of your paper, draw a vertical line to the height you would like your fleur-de-lis to be. Using your ruler, create 3 equally spaced horizontal lines. Remember to draw these lightly, as they are only guidelines and you will want to erase them later.
  2. On the top half of your fleur-de-lis, create two right-angle triangles. This can be accomplished by taking the distance between the middle and top horizontal line and marking the same distance to both sides of the middle horizontal line from the vertical line. Use your ruler to then draw the triangles from the marks points to the top intersection.
  3. The middle “spear” of your fleur-de-lis can now be drawn in, looking somewhat like a slightly inflated balloon. Use your elliptical templates if you need to.
  4. Create two near half-circle shapes, which will eventually become two lily petals. The curve should be tighter on the area furthest away from the center.
  5. Working through part of the bottom half, finish the petal curves, and extend the base of them down with a slight curve until they are nearly perpendicular with the center vertical line.
  6. Below the three petals, draw what is essentially the base of the fleur-de-lis. To keep it in line with the rest of the design, making it as symmetrical and horizontal as possible will keep the drawing as clean as possible.
  7. Using some of the same techniques used throughout the above steps, you can further develop the bottom your design. The bottom of our fleur-de-lis is almost a stubbier version of the top design.
  8. Erase your guidelines, or trace the design to another piece of paper and make any final cleanups to the line art. You can then color or decorate your fleur-de-lis even further.
  9. Get original with your fleur-de-lis designs. One of our favorites is the design for the coat of arms of Florence, Italy.
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