How to Draw a Dragon

Dragons are things of only myth and fiction. These creatures have been portrayed in many different ways from the long and slender snakelike eastern dragon to western dragons being portrayed by the likes of Godzilla. There is only one way to bring these beasts to life, and that is with the help of a great artist’s touch. Using what we can take from existing and extinct animals, we will show you how to draw a dragon.


Steps to Draw a Dragon

It is always a good idea to use reference for any sort of realistic image you would like to create. Dragons aren’t exactly a commodity that this Earth provides us with, so therefore we must draw from other reference. The closest things to dragons were dinosaurs. We can use these images to get a better idea of how to structure a dragon’s body. Also, birds and living reptiles can come as great references. Examine bat wings to get an idea of how you might want to draw its wings.

  1. Borrowing from our extinct friend, we can lay out a basic structure for our dragon. The head is drawn with several circles to form jaw lines. A long line with a basic spine has been laid out for the dragon’s neck, back and tail. The light green circles represent the dragon’s chest and pelvis, and extending from those are its legs and arms. Off of its back, a line structure of the wings has been sketched in.
  2. The basic outline of the dragon can now be drawn over the quick skeletal structure that has been laid down for it. It can stay rough as this will simply be another guideline to help you through your drawing. Take note that the wings are similar to fabric when they aren’t stretched for flight and incorporate this into your drawing.
  3. Finish the outline of your sketch. Add the dragon’s limbs, draw in facial details, as well as add horns and features on the opposite side of the dragon’s body. Add any other details you feel might be missing from the dragon in this step.
  4. Draw in the shadows and other minor details of your dragon. The wings can become ragged, and you can make the skin look scaly.

With more practice, you will be able to draw a variety of other dragon types. Study animal and dinosaur anatomy and see how you can work them into your drawings. Look through fiction films, comics and animations to see what types of dragons exist through the mythology.

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