How to Draw a Cat

There is nothing like the friendly kitty cat and her purr that can come to cheer up our spirits. Unfortunately, drawing a cat couldn’t come as a more challenging subject to some artists. There are simple solutions to drawing a cat, and in this guide we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to drawing a cat and how you can accentuate your simple cat drawings into something more rewarding to look at.

Steps to Draw a Cat

  1. Start off by drawing the basics of a cat form with shapes. We will start with the head as a simple circle. This will just be used as a starting point, so it should be drawn lightly so you can erase it and make modifications to your cat drawing later.
  2. Draw a curved line to represent the shape of the body. From the head, make your drawing slope down to where the forelegs will be positioned. From there it slightly curves up and levels off to where the hind legs will go. Following that, you can create any type of line you’d like which will be a temporary spot holder for the cat’s tail.
  3. Block in the chest and rear-end with circles.
  4. If you don’t have a real cat to look at, examine an image of a real cat. Look at their legs. The forelegs and hind legs feature different joints. The forelegs are similar to a humans arm, connecting at the shoulder with a joint at the elbow and paw. The hind legs are different, connecting at the hips, and featuring 2 elbow-like joins with another at the wrist of the paws. Line these in accordingly.
  5. Around your lines, build in the body of the cats. Use simple shapes like triangles for the ears, and ovals or circles for legs and joints. The snout should be drawn as somewhat of a rounded trapezoid. The stomach and back can be drawn in. Notice that the hind end is thinner. Draw around the tail, making sure that it tapers off near the tip.
  6. Working around your building blocks, add the final details to your cat. At the snout, draw an indent and mouth line. Whiskers and a nose can be sketched in. Don’t forget to draw the eyes that will be triangularly shaped if drawn from the side. Paws and nails can be added to the feet. Fur can be stylized in many different ways like scribbling and adding slight juts into the outline of the cat. Clean up your line art and color it to finish up your cat drawing.
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