How to Do Card Tricks

Many people like watching card tricks in special celebrations like parties and family gatherings because these are very enjoyable, amusing, and interesting. However, for individuals who want to know how to do card tricks, there are different tricks that they can learn. To make sure that they can perform these well, they should listen to important tips and pieces of advice from people who are experts in doing these tricks. Moreover, in order to perfect these acts, individuals are encouraged to practice them often.

Different Card Tricks

For people who want to learn how to do these acts, it is necessary that they explore the different kinds of card tricks that they can easily perform. These special tricks include Cool Card Guess Prediction and Cool Card Switch. The steps involved in performing these acts are very simple and easy to learn so even those who are new to card tricks can do them instantly.

Cool Card Guess Prediction

In doing this card trick, people should prepare two sets of cards with five different cards. However, the cards in the first set should resemble the cards in the second set. For instance if the first set of cards is consisted of king of spades, queen of hearts, jack of diamonds, ten of spades, and three of hearts, then the second set of cards should be consisted of king of clubs, queen of diamonds, jack of hearts, ten of clubs, and three of diamond. Reveal the first set of cards and hide the second set of cards. Instruct a spectator to secretly choose one of the five cards and focus on that particular card. Tell the spectator that the one who performs the trick can remove the card that the spectator has chosen. Collect the first set of cards and switch them with the second set of cards. Arrange the cards on the table in a faced down manner, One by one reveal the cards on the table and let the spectator see that the chosen card was magically removed from the set.

Cool Card Switch

This card trick is easy to perform. Remove the nine of clubs, nine of spades, six of clubs, and six of spades. Cut the deck of cards into two. Put the nine of clubs and six of spades on the bottom and the other two cards on the top. Reveal the cards on the top of the decks. Put these cards in the middle of the decks and talk to the audience to divert their attention and forget about the value of the cards. After spending some time, tell them that you can get the cards that have been revealed. Get the cards that were placed at the bottom of the decks. If people can perform this trick well, the audience will surely be amused and amazed.

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