How to Do a Criminal Background Check

The FBI has a large database and can run a criminal background check on anyone in the nation. You can request your own criminal background check by filing these instructions. There is also the option of using state or local government or you can use free or paid Internet services.

It is quite easy to run a criminal background check, all you require is to follow the basic steps that will be outlined here in this article.

Step 1.)

You can run a criminal background check on yourself with the FBI. Provided you want your own criminal record check, the FBI will not hesitate to provide you with the necessary information that you require. To achieve this you will have to file a form requesting for this service, submit your finger print and pay a fee. You can check on the FBI website for more details about this option.

Step 2.)

If you want to run a criminal background check on a person, you will have to obtain as much information about the individual. The information you should have handy should include first name, last name, gender, address, race and date of birth. If the person has any alias you should also take time to find out what it is prior to your criminal background search.

Step 3.)

With the information that you have obtained in step two you can proceed to any of the state or local law enforcement. This option should also be considered if the person on whom you wish to run a criminal check has lived in a particular place for a long time. The level of information you will obtain during this search will depend on what the state has in their care. You can visit the sheriff or call the state police to make more inquiries about how the criminal check is done in a particular state, as it might vary slightly from state to state.

Step 4.)

Sex offenders’ registries are made public for all. You can access this resource online. If you are unable to get a result from the locality of which you are interested; contact the law enforcement agency of that locality.

Step 5.)

There is also the option of using any of the free background check websites or a fee operated Internet service to check on a criminal background of a person. You should know that using this service might not provide you with all the possible results that are available. The results that you get might not be comprehensive. They will still provide you with a little level of peace of mind. For the fee base services, there is the US search among the available one; the fee as at 2010 was as low as $20.


For you to get a detailed result you should get as much information about the person whom you want to run the check on. At times, you might be required to inform the target that you are running a check on them; it is considered illegal in some states to do unauthorized criminal background check. If you choose to use a commercial service (online or offline), ensure that your choice provider can cater for every of your needs.

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