How to Cut Your Own Hair

There are times when hair needs to be shortened pronto and there.s no time to go to the beauty shop or hair dresser. When people do not have any
knowledge on basic hair-cutting they settle for a less than best hairdo. This need not happen if you know how to cut your own hair.

Things Needed

For basic hair-cutting, prepare two medium-size mirrors (about 10 inches by 12 inches or something close to this), a pair of sharp scissors for
hair, thin and long comb, hair spray with water, baby powder, and a plastic coat. These are important things for a proper hair cut.

Preparing the Hair

After wearing the plastic coat, wet hair by gradual spraying with water. Make sure it is wet just enough to make controlling and combing easy. Comb
it to straighten the strands and then fix it to how one sets it. A vital tip on how to cut your own hair is keeping it spruced up while cutting it.

Mirror Positions

Put one mirror in front of you and another at the back. It is better to have a cabinet with a mirrored door in front and behind you than to prop
them up on ledges or hang them on walls, though these aren.t bad. The main thing in self-applied basic hair-cutting is that two mirrors are used.

Basic Hair-Cutting Procedures

Start cutting hair at the sides of the head. Tilt the head to the side where hair is to be dealt with and comb hair from under that side. Raise the
comb a bit until a row of hair sticks out on top of the comb. Tilt comb slightly at an angle and cut the hair sticking out.

The cutting position should be parallel to the comb. Do this gradually, a few hairs on a row at a time. This is how to cut your own hair safely.
Don.t cut abruptly. Do the same with the other side of the head. Always check the front mirror while cutting.

Front and Back Parts

When cutting hair at the back of your head, the rear mirror comes in handy. Start with the sides of the back, slowly working to the center. Place
your hand holding the comb over your head to comb at your right side. Then follow this same procedure with the left side. If hair is too long, comb it
with a little twitch to reach the tips. Cut gradually, making sure just a few strands in a row sticking out on top of the comb is dealt at a time, and
that the scissor position is always parallel to the comb. And always check with the rear mirror by viewing it on the front mirror.

Hair at the front is easy to work on. Just use the same cutting procedure done with the sides of the head, and then level the bangs. Apply baby
powder to get rid of cut hair from the body.

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