How to Cut Hair

For folks who just want to save some money by cutting the hair of their own kids, relatives, or their own, here are simple steps on how to cut hair.

Good Hair-Cutting Tools

A key to doing a good job at cutting hair is getting proper hair-cutting tools. Make sure the scissors are designed for hair-cutting. Never use
scissors for cutting papers or cloths when sewing. Make sure it is well sharpened, comfortable for quick finger motions, and with the right weight
comfortable for the user. Scissors too heavy or too light for the fingers may ruin the job. This is the basic on how to cut hair.

Use a long thin comb, especially those designed for hair cutting. Combs that are too thick makes hair combing difficult while one holds a scissor
with the other hand. Long and thin combs capture more rows of hair with a mere stroke.

Hair-Cutting Proper

First, wet the hair just enough to make it easy to comb and style. Using hand held water sprays will do the trick. Comb the hair to its proper style
and start cutting at the tips. On how to cut hair on the sides of the head, comb the hair perpendicular to the strands and then tilt the comb about 30
degrees. Cut the hair that sticks out on top of the comb. Cutting hair should be done gradually and patiently. Don.t cut big portions at a time.

For cutting the hair at the back of the head, comb hair perpendicular to the strands and cut hair that sticks out on top of the comb. Remember to
comb deep at the bottom of the head, raise the comb slightly then cut. But go shallower as the cutting process reaches the top of the head.

On how to cut hair in front of the head, tilt comb to 30 degrees while combing and cut hair on top of the comb. Make sure to keep hair strands near
where the hair is parted longer than at the tips.


Trimming is the term for how to cut hair to reduce its thickness, not so much its length. It is important to trim hair layer by layer, with gradual
cutting. Begin at the sides then gradually work one.s way up to the top of the head. Cutting hair to trim needs a 30 degree-tilt combing as hair on top
of the comb is cut.


When hair is properly trimmed, shave the sides near the ears and at the nape where most hair have been cut and small hair residues stick out. For
beginners, use shavers for beards and mustaches in shavings these areas.

Before actually cutting hair, it.s good to practice on haired mannequins first. It.s a safe way how to cut hair.

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