How to Cook Acorn Squash

Cooking vegetables such as acorn squash usually takes patience and skill to accomplish. In doing so, people try to avoid overcooking or undercooking such dish, mainly because they can spoil the value of such delectable delicacy. In order to avoid these unwanted instances, they can learn how to cook acorn squash by following these simple steps. People can cook this particular vegetable using many different ways, one of which is called Acorn Squash Risotto.


It is quite easy to learn how to cook acorn squash, particularly the dish called Acorn Squash Risotto. Before going to the actual cooking process, people must first gather all the freshest and finest ingredients needed to accomplish this scrumptious vegetable dish. Procure at least three acorn squashes, and then clean and parboil them for a couple or more minutes. Also needed to make this dish are fresh ground pepper, a cup of grated Parmesan cheese, and six ounces of butter.

Aside from these aforementioned items, also bring in some chopped fennel greens, four cups of chicken broth, and at least four ounces of white wine. Get at least one onion, and then chop it thoroughly. After gathering all these ingredients, it is now time to learn how to cook acorn squash the fast and easy way.


Using a nice clean pan, melt at least a tablespoon of butter, and then put the acorn squash. Wait for some time before seasoning the dish with a small amount of salt. Using only low heat, cover the pan and wait for at least 20 minutes. In case the dish dries out, simply add another tablespoon of butter right into the dish. After finishing this, lay it aside for some time and wait while it is now time to move on with the cooking of the risotto. Using the pan once again, place some butter then sauté the onion and wait for some time until it softens. Get the risotto and then add it right into the mix. Stir the dish regularly in order for it to cook evenly.

While the stove is in low heat, pour in some white wine and then stir it thoroughly until the flavors are distributed evenly on the entire dish. A few moments later, add the chicken broth into the mix to give it a richer taste and flavor. Wait for at least 15 minutes more before taking off the pan from the stove. Put the rice in a nice clean plate. Add on some grated parmesan cheese on top of the acorn squash before serving the dish to guests.

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