How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Cleaning vinyl siding can be a tricky task for people, especially when they do not know what specific materials to use such as cleansers and other important equipment. Another crucial part of this cleaning process is how to execute the right techniques and methods for a completely clean result. Follow these simple steps and learn how to clean vinyl siding the right way.

Materials Needed

The very first step that people must make before learning how to clean vinyl siding is to procure all the necessary materials. A pressure washer is definitely a plus, especially because of its ability to eliminate even hard-to-remove stains. Meanwhile, accomplishing this particular task is definitely easy when there is plastic sheeting, soap, and special cleaning solution. Furthermore, a soft clean cloth or a long brush with soft bristles is also needed to wipe off dirt from the vinyl siding.


Before moving on to the actual process of cleaning, be sure that material to be cleaned is indeed vinyl siding, which may be mistaken for other materials like painted wood, aluminum siding, and or cement fibers. This is important because these things require other processes and methods, as well as use other cleaning solutions. Using the soft cloth or long brush can prevent the stains from moving into the clean parts. When preparing the right cleaning solution, take a nice clean bucket and mix a part of the cleaning solution with three parts water.

Specifically designed for stubborn stains, people can use special cleaning products and solutions like Simple Green or Fantastik. Meanwhile, others may find liquid soap and cleansers much easier and more efficient to use in removing unwanted stains and dirt. In order to ensure what type of product would work best, apply these solutions to small parts of the vinyl siding, and then stick with the solution that produces the best cleaning effect.

The proper way of cleaning vinyl siding starts from the bottom all the way to the top. By doing so, people can prevent the stains from running into other parts of the vinyl siding. Likewise, they can also avoid streaking, which is not a very nice sight to behold particularly when the cleaning solution dries off completely. After cleaning, rinse the vinyl siding starting from the top until the bottom parts. Repeat this step until it is entirely free from traces of cleaning solutions. Use the plastic sheeting to prevent other parts that are not made out of vinyl siding, thus preventing them from staining other materials.

According to experts, the cleaning process is much easier when using pressure washers, mainly because of their ability to remove stubborn dirt and reach almost every part of the wall. For molds and mildews, they can use special solutions instead of liquid soap to clean the affected parts. Finally, do not use cleansers that may undermine the quality of vinyl siding such as furniture cleaner, liquid grease remover, and organic solvents.

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