How to Clean Upholstery

Upholstery can always be a thing of beauty and comfort. However, dirt and stains may ruin these pleasant characteristics, especially if the owners do not know the right proper way to clean this important item. By learning how to clean upholstery, people can maintain its beauty without damaging its overall appearance. Because of this, they can still enjoy the comfort, convenience, and beauty that this wonderful thing provides.

Materials Needed

When cleaning upholstery, people need not avail professional services. Instead, with the proper knowledge and right materials, they can easily learn how to clean upholstery and save a lot of money. All it takes to do this simple job is to have a nice cleaning rag preferably white, a brush with soft bristles, and upholstery cleaner. Add to that, a vacuum may facilitate the entire cleaning process.


Locate the particular areas within the upholstery that need thorough cleaning. With the help of a cleaning brush, apply simple strokes to the spot in order to work loose the stains and dirt. After that, use the vacuum to free it from loosened dirt. To avoid further damage to the item, be sure to try a small amount of the upholstery cleaner at any hidden spot, maybe at the bottom or at the back. Due to their effectiveness against stubborn dirt and stains, some of these cleaners contain strong ingredients that may affect the beauty of upholstery. Once the cleaner damages the tested fabric, simply switch to a gentler yet highly efficient product.

After acquiring the right cleaner for the upholstery, add a small amount of product directly right at the stain. Allow the solution to stand for some time, giving it the chance to go deeper and soften the stained portion of the upholstery. When the stains and dirt are released, moisten the cleaning rag with a small amount of water, and then use it to separate the impurities from the item. As much as possible, the cleaner must not rub the upholstery because putting too much pressure on it may cause further damage to the item. At the same time, the stains will only be limited to a particular spot and stop spreading to the other portions of the upholstery.

If these simple procedures do not take the stains or stubborn dirt right away, repeat the entire process until the desired result is achieved. Before cleaning, be sure to check the upholstery for tags containing instructions on whether the item is safe to clean or not. Moreover, be sure not to use a colored rag when using bleach because it may transfer its color directly right onto the upholstery. Testing the bleach first at a particular spot before using it may prevent any further damage to the item.

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