How to Clean a Plasma Screen

To maximize the use of plasma screens, it is important that people know how to take care of them. Individuals should check if the contrast and brightness of the screens are set to levels that allow them to save energy. Aside from this, it is also essential that they know how to clean a plasma screen. Cleaning the screens include regular dirt removal so it is best to purchase cleaning solutions that are especially made for plasma screens. In addition, to make sure that they will discard all the dirt and fingerprints in the screens there are other materials that they should prepare, which include a plasma screen cleaning kit, a vacuum, and two soft cloths.


People’s understanding on how to clean a plasma screen starts with learning how often they can clean the screens to maintain its present performance. Check the manual of the plasma screen and look for information about the frequency of cleaning the screen, as well as the recommended cleaning kit to be used. Afterwards, apply cleaning solutions in a soft cloth and clean the outer portion of the screen. Prepare another cloth. Use it to dry the solutions in the area.

Apply cleaning solutions to the first cloth. Gently clean the plasma screen. Try to remove all the prints, marks, and dirt that you can see on the screen. Avoid using other cleaning solutions that are not made for plasma screens since these can damage them. These solutions are usually available in home improvement stores so individuals will not have problems purchasing them. Prepare the vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to set it to minimum power setting. Use the cleaner to remove dirt from the vents in plasma screens.


People are discouraged to use paper towels, as well as tissue papers in cleaning plasma screens. These materials have rough texture, which can cause damages to the screens. Look for the labels of cleaning solutions before using them. Avoid using solutions that have ammonia because these can cause discolorations in the coatings of plasma screens.

Remember to turn off the device before cleaning the screen. If you cannot find any cleaning solution, you can use isopropyl alcohol in cleaning plasma screens. Do not apply great pressure and look for a soft brush that you can use to clean the corners of the screens. You can use old clothes to clean the screens, however, you should not use abrasive and dirty clothes.

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