How to Clean a DVD

People use DVDs for various important purposes like playing video games, watching motion pictures, and transferring valuable information from one computer to another. Because of these significant uses, people will surely find it helpful to learn the different relevant aspects on how to clean a DVD. Following these quick and simple steps is very important because applying the wrong methods may cause significant damage and compromise the quality of information found within these DVDs. Using clean and well-maintained DVDs guarantee the total satisfaction of its users.


When learning how to clean a DVD, it is but important to gather all the right materials and tools first before moving on with the actual cleaning process. Some of the most important tools needed in this task are toothpaste, glass cleaner, and rubbing alcohol. At the same time, a small amount of water as well as a soft clean cloth is also needed to ensure the desired outcome.


According to tech experts, people must clean a DVD beginning from the middle part and then towards the outer part of the disc. By taking this in mind, unwanted scratches and damaged performance can be prevented. At the same time, it is always best not to clean the disc using smaller circular motions. Instead, get a soft clean cloth and then wipe it slowly in one continuous direction. When taking off dust, people need not to apply cleaning solutions because a simple cloth will already do.

When removing oily residues and fingerprints, people can use a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol as a solution. Because these kinds of impurities are tougher than dust, this simple mixture will help a lot in removing dirt much easier. Thanks to the quick evaporating quality of rubbing alcohol, this solution really works well in removing unwanted oil residues and fingerprints that significantly affect disc performance.

Meanwhile, in case of accidents where unwanted elements are spilled over DVDs, the right material for this job is a regular glass cleaner. Using a nice clean cloth once again, spray the solution right into the cloth before wiping the dirt right off the disc. This quick, simple, and effective step can save people lots of time and money. In case of scratches, experts suggest a different method. This unconventional method is proven effective and safe by people who already explored the different means of learning how to clean a DVD. Simply put a small amount of toothpaste directly to the scratched portion before adding some water. Buff it out completely until there is no trace of toothpaste left on the DVD.

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