How to Butcher a Deer

Butchering is one of the most important skills that deer hunters should know. Learning how to butcher a deer is essential to preserve the meat for human consumption. To butcher a deer, hunters should know the tools that they will find very useful in doing the task. After preparing all the materials, it is also important that they have ideas about the procedures in skinning and dressing them. To guide people who are new to this task, they should follow these simple steps.

Materials Needed

To make sure that they preserve the meat of deer appropriately, it is essential that they have all the important tools. To butcher a deer, they should prepare a sharp knife, a cutting board, and a hacksaw. Other tools that they will find useful in doing this task are rubber gloves, a trash bag, and an aluminum foil. After preparing all these materials and tools, proceed with the simple steps in butchering a deer.


Knowing how to butcher a deer is simple. First, hunters should gut the deer. To do so, make an incision at the deer’s crotch area. The cut should be small and should be made beneath its hide portion. Gently extend the incision to the sternum. Second, reinforce the incision by extending its depth to half inch, but it is important to avoid cutting the stomach. Third, prepare the trash bag and discard the internal organs of the deer. Do not forget to dispose the trash bag. Fourth, with the use of a sharp knife, skin the deer upward from the start of the incision.

Fifth, remove the head of the deer with the use of a hacksaw. Put the head in a trash bag and dispose immediately. Sixth, to cut the deer’s backbone, hang it from tree limbs in an upside down manner. Prepare the saw and use it to cut the backbone portion from its buttocks to the rib cage. This process will bisect the deer.

Afterwards, proceed with the seventh step, which is to cut the deer’s ham joints, as well as its shoulder joints. Eighth, to get the best quality meat of the deer, cut the backstrap part from the spinal column, as well as from the tenderloin. Use an aluminum foil to wrap the joints, the backstrap region and the tenderloin. Label the wrapped parts and preserve them by storing them in a freezer. Finally, dispose the remaining parts of the deer immediately.

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