How to Build Secret Compartments

People use secret compartments to hide their valuables and other important personal belongings. Usual use is to hide these things inside these safe places to prevent other people from finding these special items. One of the most popular secret compartments is with books. As innocent as they may look, these supposed reading resources can also serve as safe hiding locations for special items, valuables, and other important personal effects. Follow through these simple guidelines and find out how to build secret compartments the easy way.

Materials Needed

For those who wish to learn how to build secret compartments, the necessary materials in this project include felt, glue sticks, and glue gun. Simultaneously, people also need other simple things such as a craft knife, a small paintbrush, and white glue to accomplish this task. More than anything else, a hardcover book must also be available, preferably thick and large in order for multiple items to fit inside this special secret compartment.


When selecting a hardcover book that will be used to create a secret compartment, experts suggest one that measures at least a couple of inches thick. Lay aside the dust jacket of the book and then leave a few pages untouched. This will serve as a cover for the secret compartment, making it as innocent looking as possible. Be sure to allot at least 20 to 25 pages that will serve as cover. After that, combine equal amounts of water and white glue. Get the plastic wrap, and then use it to protect the back cover, several front pages, and the front cover from glue residues.

When everything is in place, use the special glue mixture to make the remaining pages of the book stick with one another. Using a small paintbrush, apply a significant amount of it at the top portion, at the side, as well as the bottom area of the book. After applying all the glue, keep the book close as the glue dries off, and then place a heavy object on top of it to keep the pages intact.

After drying the glue, slowly take off the protective plastic from the back cover as well as the front cover of the book. Measure the desired depth, length, and width of the secret compartment. Using a pencil and a rule, draw the outline for the hollow inside the book. Be sure to allot a significant space from the borders of the compartment to make it as sturdy as possible. Take out the inner body of the book with the help of the sharp craft knife.

Slowly but surely, take pages after pages until the desired depth is achieved. Of course, be sure to lay aside a number of pages at the bottom, which will serve as the base of the secret compartment. Cover the hollow area with felt and then use small amounts of glue to hold it in place. Return the dust jacket to make the book as natural as possible, and then hide all the valuable items inside. Place it together with all the other books, thus making it harder to find for anyone.

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