How to Build Cabinets

Building cabinets requires careful planning. Having a plan helps you determine what kind of cabinet you would construct as well as what to do with it.

Save Thousands of Dollars

Knowing how to build cabinets can free you from spending thousands of dollars. Although you can hire a professional carpenter, doing it yourself can mean a lot of savings.

Likewise, buying cabinets in furniture shops can be expensive. Most cabinets have a cost ranging from $12,000 to $15,000. The money you will spend for a cabinet can be used for other expenses instead.

Here then are the steps on how to build cabinets and save up on your expenses.

Planning The Construction

  1. The first step on how to build cabinets is to get the dimensions of the furniture you are planning to build. In general, a standard cabinet has a height of 34.5″ and a length of 24 inches. When you have the measurements ready, sketch the cabinet on a sheet of paper indicating the measurements.
  2. Next, go to the lumber shop and look for wood. Fused melamine is excellent for building cabinets. They do not rot easily and has a long life span. Use the 48″ x 96″ for each piece that you are constructing.
  3. Look for your preferred edge banding then cover the ends of the cut side to give it an attractive look.
  4. Go to a carpenter’s shop and look for a dato, wall, table, and chop saws.

Construct The Cabinet

When your materials have been procured, the next step on how to build cabinets is to begin construction.

  1. Use safety googles when cutting with the saw. Slowly put the fused melamine sheet on the wall saw. Set the blade to your desired length. Cutting first is more convenient.
  2. Switch on the saw and slowly cut the piece. One cabinet should have a couple of sheets.
  3. Customize your saw blade to 24 inches. Proceed with cutting the other length. You should have a pair of 34 ½ x 24 inch sheets.
  4. For the top and bottom piece, cut the 24 inch depth and your chosen width.
  5. Band the side with your chosen length. Do not do this for the 24 inch side.
  6. Install a closed dato to both ends of the two pieces of wood.
  7. Hook a staple gun to an air hose ensuring that 1 ½ inch staples secure the top, bottom, and sides of your cabinet.
  8. If you wish, you may apply stain to the face of the cabinet to give a more finished appearance.

Learning how to build cabinets can be a do-it-yourself venture. This is more cheaper and can save you a lot of money.

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