How to Build an Awning

Known as an attractive covering that is usually affixed in the outer part of doors and windows, awning protects people from wind, as well as rain. In addition, having awning in homes is very beneficial since it shields individuals from direct sunlight. To learn how to build an awning, it is important to start with knowing the two kinds of this covering, namely manually-operated overhangs and motorized or automatic overhangs. Even if motorized awnings are more classy and stylish than manually-operated overhangs, some people prefer manually-operated overhangs since these are affordable and easy to build. People should follow these simple steps if they want to build a cost-efficient awning in their homes.

Materials Needed

It is important to prepare all the materials that they will need before proceeding with the construction of an overhang or awning. Some of the important materials that people will use are screw hooks, a nylon thread, and a measuring tape. Aside from these, they will also need key rings, grommets, an electric drill, ropes, and stakes.


First, use the measuring tape in determining the measurements of the area where they will place the awning. Buy a plastic or canvas in home improvement stores based on the measurements that they get. Second, stitch the edges of the canvas or plastic and attach grommets in the corners of the shade cloth. Third, create two pilot holes in the area where the overhang will be placed and put screw hooks in the holes.

Fourth, insert key rings in the grommets that can be found on the part of the plastic or canvas that will go against the area where the awning will be installed. Fifth, install poles that will serve as support posts for the overhang. Use grommets to hook the shade cloth over the poles. Finally, look for grommets that are situated near the poles and tie ropes on the grommet. Pull the ropes and make sure that they are properly staked on the ground.


Knowing how to build an awning is very easy if people will allot time in learning these steps. Everyone is reminded to make sure that the materials that they will use have good quality. Additionally, it is important that they use tarp as alternative to canvas or plastic since it is more affordable. Above all, do not hesitate to ask for assistance from professionals if they experience difficulties or problems while building an awning for their homes.

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