How to Build a Speaker Box

Although building a speaker box can be challenging, they can improve the sound of your car stereo. The good news is that there are pre-enclosed sub woofers and speakers for those who are not into building speaker boxes. They can also be customized depending on your specifications.

Before proceeding with how to build a speaker box, you need to prepare the materials that will be used for the construction. For the speaker box, you will need a jigsaw, down spiral and 3/4-inch bit, a razor blade, power drill, sand paper, spray glue, silicone, solder gun, solder, router, screws, and carpet. When you have procured the materials, you can proceed with how to build a speaker box.

Determine The Measurements of Your Speaker

Sub-woofers and speakers sold as separate components come with a template that includes the measurements of the speaker. This makes it easy to construct an enclosure because the measurements are already there and all you have to do is to transfer them to the fireboard. If the product does not have the dimensions, you can get in touch with the manufacturer or measure the product yourself.

It is worth noting that dimensions are commonly given as exterior or interior measurements. If the measurements are indicated as an interior, you will need to bear in mind the width of the fiberboard.

Trace Your Patterns on the Fiberboard

The next step on how to build a speaker box is to trace the patterns on your fiberboard. A speaker box usually has six sides including a center divider. With your pencil and template, completely trace your pattern on the fiberboard.

Cut The Patterns

With a jigsaw, cut your traced pattern. You should an additional board so you can have another in case you make mistakes. Next, trace the pattern where your subwoofer speaker will be placed. Trace the internal and external parts of the frame using the grille of the speaker.

Cut Out Holes

With your router and 3/4 inch bit, insert the area of the fiberboard between the inner and outer holes. When you have routed out the holes, smoothen them with sandpaper.

Find the template for the speaker connectors if the speaker box has a template. Otherwise, make a 2-inch circular hole on each side of the speaker box panel. Rout them through the holes and then smoothen them.

Set Up The Speaker Box

The next step on how to build a speaker box is to set it up with the help of screws, washers, and nuts. Make sure that you make the box airtight so you would get the best sound from your speaker.

Place Carpet On The Box

With a glue spray, attach carpet to the entire speaker box. After the application of the glue, stick it to the box. Do the same for the front panel. But use razor blade for cutting out the hole.

Assemble The Connectors

The next step on how to build a speaker box is to setup the connectors. Using silicone to ensure that the edges are sealed and airtight. You can solder the wires of the subwoofer with the connector and speaker wire.

Assemble The Speaker

Finally, you can now connect the front panel to the whole box. When done, push it to the box and connect to the grill. Check if the installation is airtight.

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