How to Build a Shed

There are several reasons you’d want to build a shed. You can use it to store plants, furniture or other stuff. Here are the things you’ll need to accomplish the task.

Required Tools and Materials

Nails and screws
Concrete mix
Tape measure
Wood boards (several 2 x 4s)
Metal or plastic boards

Choose the Site

The available space determines the structure size. If it’s in your yard, remove the stones and grass. The surface must be level. If needed, excavate the area and pour cement in it. Make sure it’s evenly laid out (use a level if needed). Give it 24 to 48 hours to dry. Now you may proceed to build a shed.

Make a Design Drawing

This doesn’t just refer to the basic appearance. Decide if this structure will just be a storage or working area. If it’s the latter, you need to add a power outlet. Include this in your drawing. Ascertain that the area does not get flooded by water or prone to clogging. This is important if you’re going to have electricity here.

Make the Frame

Establish the size of the structure. Now cut the wood boards that will make up the frame. Align each one properly. Nail or screw them into place. If needed, get someone to help you put them in place. This will be the case if you build a shed that’s large.

Make the Walls

It’s better and quicker to work with large wood boards. Using several boards will take more time. Instead measure each of the four sides and cut a wall section to fit in. Using this method you’ll only need four sections. Use the tape measure to ensure they are of equal length. Use large nails to secure it.

Make the Windows, Door and Roof

Put each one in place. Make a cut along the areas where the windows are to be placed. Cut it with the saw. To make the windows, start with the frames. After cutting and shaping, add the window. When you build a shed window, you can use glass or other material.

A door can be made with wood boards. Attach a couple of hinges on the top and bottom part. Use two screws on each one. Attach to the wall. Swing the door a few times to test.

Add the roof last. Make it just a little larger than the structure itself. Cut a single square or rectangular board. Have someone help you put it up the walls. Nail them in place.


You can paint it if you like. Obviously you shouldn’t undertake this project during rainy periods.

If you don’t know how to install electrical lines and outlets, hire an electrician. Putting them on yourself will be risky. Test all power and light sources. If there are any problems get help from experts.

After you build a shed, you can add the furniture or stuff there. Not only will it free up space in your house, but it will also give you a new place to work in as well.

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