How to Build a See Saw

The best way to build a see saw is by fusing good design and using the correct procedures. When you have the entire equipment ready, just follow these simple guidelines.

Required Tools and Materials

Board (2 x 4, 2.2 x 8 and 2 x 10 inches; pressured treated)
Window well or steel pipe (1 and ¼ in; galvanized)
Stain (the weather resistant type)
Circular Saw

Setting up the Location

The primary consideration will be safety. The area must be clear of any objects that can hit the head as it goes up and down. Add some mulch around the area you chose. This ensures a soft landing.

Creating the Fulcrum

This is the base where the seats are linked to. Commence to build a see saw by placing galvanized window wells over one another. Insert some spikes to keep it firm in the surface. Ensure that it doesn’t move around or is loose.

Creating the Seat

Get the 2 x 10 boards. Cut it to 10 ft in length. Drill a hole 1 and ¼ in at the sides and 16 inches on both ends. Insert a rope and fasten it tight. Put this on the base. Place it on the well and place a mark on both sides. Use screws to connect the seats.

Next, cut the seat board’s end with the saw so there is a curve shape. Add as many curves as you like. When finished, apply sanding on all edges. A double layer of stain will be sufficient. Allow it to dry completely before being used.

Using the Steel Pipe

If you want to build a see saw with a steel pipe, the directions vary slightly. After choosing the location, cut the 2 x 8 and make it 35 inches long. Put in 19 inches below ground and add notches at the top. Add the cement. Put the pipe on the indentations. Use the straps to hold them in place.

After making the seat, attach a brace (2 x 4 inches). Create a notch 1 ¼ in deep for the pivot. Use the steps mentioned earlier to connect the seats to the fulcrum.


There are different ways you can design it but the important thing is make it secure. Before letting anyone use it, test the strength. As you cut the pieces, double check the measurements to ensure everything is right. When you build a see saw, the measurements are critical.

Also pay close attention to the ground area. A well built structure will not cause any accidents but it’s better to be sure. Hence, the need to have mulch ready. Should the seats collapse no one will get hurt.

Some would prefer to use ground rubber. That is also acceptable. If there’s an element of the building process you are unsure of, go to a home improvement store. They sell all the necessary equipment and can also offer advice.

It may sound complex but anyone who tries to set one up will realize how simple it is. It is simply a matter of getting the right paraphernalia. Couple this with some patience, you can build a see saw much quicker than you think.

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