How to Build a Robot

Are you interested in building your own robot? Developing a robot may appear to be complicated, difficult, and hard, but if you will allot time to explore the different ways on how to build a robot, you will find the task to be interesting and enjoyable. Before proceeding with the steps in building robots, it is important to gather all the important materials like a power system, a chassis, sensors, and associated tools. It will also help to have a reliable Internet access while doing this project.


To know how to build a robot, start with assigning a specific objective for the creation of a robot. By identifying the robot’s purpose, it can be easy to determine the tasks that this electro-mechanical system can do. Afterwards, select designs that will suit the purpose of the system. To have ideas about different interesting robot designs, research previous robot projects done by professionals. It is also helpful to look at designs that are featured in robotics clubs and competitions. These projects are useful in predicting the difficulties and problems that can be experienced during the course of the project.

Based on the design, prepare a chassis and attach bolts, as well as other important parts and accessories that are necessary for the functionality of the robot. For those who want to build small robots, it is okay to use cheap and lightweight hardware. However, for those who like to develop big robots, it is best to use high quality materials. Afterwards, determine which type of power system suits this project and identify the possible ways of conditioning and charging the batteries that will be used in the robot’s power system.

Select a kind of drive system that will help the robot do its functions. Decide whether it is advantageous to use computer or micro controllers. When using micro controllers in a robot, try two popular controllers, namely AVR chips and Basic Stamp, because these are efficient. On the other hand, when using computers, identify the software and programming accessories that can be very useful in the functionality of the robot.

Determine which type of sensor is best to use in the robot. Sensors are very important to attain the purpose and objective for this project. Finally, examine and test the robot’s chassis, power system, and drive system. If there are unexpected problems, it is important to ask assistance from people who are experienced in creating and building electro-mechanical systems.

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