How to Build a Rat Rod

A ratrod is a barebones car that is designed for speed and racing. It should not be pretty and definitely not new. In fact, older cars make better ratrods. Building one can be easy but it may require some time, hard work, and minimal skills to assemble your ratrod.

Without further adieu, here are the steps on how to build a ratrod.

Before proceeding to the construction of the ratrod, you need to make sure that all the materials are in place. You will need a car. It should not be any car but one that is customizable, which means that you can take out the bad parts and add some pieces such as an engine, chassis, and power parts.

Since everything on a ratrod can be customized, your aim should be to make a mean machine while maintaining the essence of a ratrod.

Choosing The Frame

The first step on how to build a ratrod is selecting the frame of your car. You can select any frame that you like it does not matter. Just make sure that your car has a unique personality.

Since your ratrod should be designed for racing, you need to ensure that your chosen frame should be lightweight. You also have the option to remove any part that can make your car heavier such as chrome bumpers.

Considering The Engine

The basics of how to build a ratrod dictates that you need to select a powerful engine that can fit in the hood of your car. Buying a new engine is not necessary, you can use second hand engines or rebuild one as well. You need not invest too much on an engine. The important thing is to get the biggest engine possible.

Put The Essential Parts In Place

By this time, your chassis and engine is ready for installation. These components are optional depending on your vehicle.

Designing The Interior

This stage means you would have to remove parts that would make your ratrod heavier. You may either keep the driver’s seat or replace it with a racing seat. Other vital parts include the steering wheel, and the pedals of the car.

Your ratrod should be secured as possible. Ensure that your seatbelts are in perfect condition. You can add roll cages, remove glass windows and mirrors, and install a 5-point harness system.

Customize The Body

Although ratrods need not be pretty, you need to do some painting. Use black primer or colors that will give your car a mean and dirty look. You may also want to add spoilers or air vents.

Tires and Rims

The choice of tires is important because they are the only component of your ratrod that is in contact with the road. Choose tires that are in excellent condition and fir for your style of racing.

Your rims, on the other hand, should be capable of handling the pressure of the tires and car when it makes a turn.

Testing The Vehicle

The final step on how to build a ratrod is to test the car before competing. Ratrods are not legal in the streets so you may have to go to the track to test your vehicle.

When you have completed all the steps on how to build a ratrod, it is now time to do some racing.

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