How to Build a Pyramid

Sure you can buy them in stores, but where’s the fun in that? If you build a pyramid you can have it the way you want. Plus you don’t have to spend a lot of money either.

The Materials and Equipment

Modeling material (this can be Plaster of Paris, wood or clay)
Paper for sketching
Cutting tool (knife or blade)
Paint (the color is typically sand but it can be any other)
A paint sealer


Before you start, decide on the type you want to construct. The Egyptian variant is composed of large blocks. If you want to make yours like that, most would recommend wood or plaster. To avoid difficulties look at some pictures. The American types (called ziggurats) look different. So do some research first to help you get the look you want.

Making the Blocks

Assuming you will build a pyramid using Plaster of Paris, you will need an ice tray. Put some petroleum jelly in the tray first. Doing this will help you remove the plaster when it solidifies. Pour as many as needed. Give it sufficient time to harden. When they are all done, remove. If you are going to use Styrofoam you’ll need glue. Adhesive is also needed if you will make the blocks with wood.

Regardless of the material you use, start from the bottom. Work your way up slowly. If you want your pyramid to be aligned to be precise, use a ruler to measure the sides.

If you want to build a pyramid that’s smooth, sand the edges. The knife will do for both Styrofoam and clay models. If you made them with plaster a sand paper is the better option. Use the level to flatten any bumpy spots on the edges.

These are usually painted a sandy color to make it look natural. However you can use other shades. Other popular colors are dark red and brown. Of course you can just leave them as is. Don’t forget to use a sealant. This will prolong the paint finish. At the same time it keeps the model safe from wear and tear.

Warnings and Tips

Some recommend using a mask when you build a pyramid with Plaster of Paris. This is to protect you from the smell of the material. This is optional for some but with children it is necessary. Those with lung problems may be better off with wood or clay.

If you would rather make a ziggurat, the process is the same. The only difference is that the block layers get smaller as you reach the top. In fact this may be easier to make.

The topmost part of these structures is not pointed. Rather there is usually a square or rectangular platform there. Those found in South America also have steps leading to the topmost structure. You can create this as you would the other blocks.

Trying to build a pyramid requires little work but it can be very enjoyable. If you are fascinated by Egyptian culture, making one can give you immense satisfaction.

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