How to Build a Guitar

Do you want to become a luthier and build your own guitar? Knowing how to build a guitar is easy if you are creative and resourceful. To make this music instrument, it is important to have a sufficient background on various designs used for making the different kinds of guitars. In addition, it is necessary to collect all the materials before starting this project to avoid experiencing hassles and difficulties. These simple instructions will help you learn how to build a guitar the easy way.


Prepare all the materials to be used in this project, namely wood working tools, wood, as well as a vector drawing software. To have a background on this special project, read books on making guitars like Melvyn Hiscock’s “Make Your Own Electric Guitar.” Afterwards, choose a design for your guitar. Consider different factors like body contour and bridges before selecting a design for this instrument. It is also important to decide whether you like fixed neck, thru-neck or bolt-on neck for your guitar.

Use the vector drawing software to plan the design of the guitar. This software allows you to illustrate every component of the music instrument such as pick guard, switches, cable connector, and pot meters. Afterwards, select wood type that will suit the design of your guitar. Some of the high quality wood that most luthiers used in building guitars are Honduras mahogany, Brazilian mahogany, as well as Spruce mahogany. Prepare a mixture of birch veneer and gumwood. Use this mixture as a finish coat for the wood.

Prepare all the needed tools including block plane, chisel, surform tool, and band saw. Other tools that you can find useful for this project are drill press, jointer, handsaw, and router. Use handsaw to cut the wood based on the pattern that you prepared using the vector drawing software. Assemble all the pieces of the music instrument and attach them to the body.


To improve your understanding on how to build a guitar, you should follow these important tips. To ensure that the guitar will produce good sound, it is best to buy ready-made pick-ups since creating pick-ups is difficult and will consume a lot of time. For beginners, create guitars that have solid body since these instruments are easier to build. If you have trouble with the sound that the instrument produces, do not hesitate to ask assistance from luthiers or individuals who are very experienced in making different types of guitars.

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