How to Build a Go Cart

Building projects are one of the best activities for family bonding. One of such building projects that the whole family can participate on and have fun at the same time is the construction of a go cart. A go cart is great way to start any one’ education with driving and building it will only add to one’s knowledge of basic mechanics overall handling of a car. This how to build a go cart will teach one the steps essential for constructing a simple go cart.

The first step in this how to build a go cart guide is obtaining the materials. One will have to have square tubes that are 1 inch in diameter. This project will need at least 30 feet of such materials. Apart from that, one will also have to have 6 feet each of ? inch and ? inch of barstock-shaped steel.

Welding is an integral part of this how to build a go cart guide. If you are not knowledgeable about welding, you will have to look for a welder for this project. This is because the welding that is needed in building a go cart should be of the finest quality to ensure the vehicle’s sturdiness and the driver’s safety.

In learning the steps on how to build a go cart, it is important to remember that the size of the cart will depend on who will use it. If it is going to be made for youngsters, a cart measuring 30 inches wide by 50 inches long will be enough. If it is for adult drivers, the cart must be around 40 inches by 72 inches.

The metal tubing will be cut according to your design plans for the cart. After cutting them, weld them together. To ensure sturdiness and stability, employ the gussets for the corners.

Build your steering linkage with the steel rods measuring 3/4 inch for the axles, and the 1/2inch ones for the linkages. To have a 90 degree bend in the 3/4 rod using a torch to soften the steel may be necessary.

Before putting the axle in the bushings, be sure that you have fastened the drive pulley on the axle. You can accomplish this by either using a set screw or by welding it directly to the axle. What matters most is that it is aligned with the engine’s pulley.

Fasten a flat piece of 3/16 inch steel plate to the frame in cart’s rear through welding to position its engine. Put the engine on this plate while remembering to mark the holes where the mounting bolts will be put so that the pulley of the engine will be surely be aligned with the axle’s drive pulley.

The final steps for this how to build a go cart guide will be concerning the seats. To ensure strength, metal or plywood lumber should be the materials of choice for the seat and floor boards.

After these steps, the main framework of the go cart is done. The remaining tasks will be mainly for the cart’s aesthetics.

Apart from teaching one the steps on how to build a go cart, this guide will also provide one with basics of mechanics along with some quality time with one’s loved ones.

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