How to Build a Dock

One way of maximizing the space in waterfront properties is by building a dock. Learning how to build a dock is not as complicated as what people think. However, to build a strong and stable dock, individuals should follow some important steps in designing and constructing a dock. It is also important to prepare the materials and equipment needed before starting the construction.

Materials and Equipment

Measuring tape, ladder, and duck bumpers are some of the materials that individuals will need if they want to construct a dock. In addition to these materials, they will also need treated lumbers to do this project. When it comes to equipment and tools, people should prepare steel screws, fasteners, cordless drill, dock stringer, and circular saw. After preparing all these materials and tools, they can now proceed with developing a design for a dock.

Designing a Dock

Before learning how to build a dock, it is essential to explore the steps in designing a dock. It is also important to decide whether they like to construct docks that have posts or floating docks. Floating docks are easier and simpler to design than docks with posts. However, for those who choose to create docks that have posts, they should follow these simple steps.

First, they need to measure the depth of water where they plan to construct a dock. It is necessary that they assess the water conditions since these will influence the methods that individuals will use for establishing support posts for the dock. Second, visualize the design of the dock. They can surf the Internet to have ideas about the different designs of docks. Third, bring the dock plan and the materials in a construction center that can efficiently design a dock.

Building a Dock

Use a ladder to properly install support posts for the dock. Always remember that the distance of posts with each other should be less than eight feet. With the use of screws and bolts, carefully attach stringer boards to the posts. Before attaching these boards to the decking, it is important to allot spaces between the boards to let water pass through during rainy season. Decking boards should fit with the posts. To do so, cut the excess boards with the use of a circular saw.

Install bumpers to protect the dock from damages. For the safety of everyone, do not forget to put a railing and a handrail. Attach benches and dock boxes to make the dock more attractive and useful.

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