How to Build a Deck

Learning the ways of building a deck is best done by having all the necessary equipment close at hand. You can get these from home improvement or supply stores.

Required Tools and Materials

Cardboard forms
Wood boards
Tape Measure

Plan the Layout

First, check the available space and how large the deck you need is. Now use the pencil and paper and draw the deck. Add as many details as needed. You will need this as a guide when you start the construction. An architect can do this if you’re not very good at drawing.

Make the Ledger

This emanates from outside the house. Start building a deck by putting it down around 3”. Add another inch and the upper part of the ledger board will be set. Designate a mark for the upper posts.

Add the Concrete and Posts

Refer to your sketch for the number of posts needed. Start digging the site. You can use both the shovel and spade. Put the cardboards in place a few inches from the ground. If snow is heavy in your area, put the cardboards a little deeper. Pour in the concrete mix. Give it enough time to dry.

When it’s hard, put on the metal clamps. Slice the boards and put them in place. Align each one correctly and fasten them with screws. When building a deck, allocate a few inches of space for each one. Include support beams to give the structure strength.

Set the Deck Board

Put the joist hangers in place. These should be face up and at par with the support posts. Set the board over it. Secure the board in place using the screws and bolts. Ensure that the screws are tight. Put in the handrails now. Since these will be for support, they need to be fastened on tightly.

Tips and Warnings

Buy wood from a reliable supplier. Poor quality wood will cause quick deterioration. You can choose from several wood materials. You can ask someone from the store for recommendations when building a deck.

There are also different concrete mixes for sale. Be sure that you follow all the instructions so it will dry
completely. You cannot hurry this part.

Paint is best used for dull looking wood. If the wood is shiny, staining will be sufficient. The staining should be no more than two layers. Use the staining to enhance the wood colors. The same goal should be kept in mind when painting.

The key to making a good deck is getting the measurements right. Always check the proportions before nailing anything. Wear gloves when sawing. Take care not to hit your hands when hammering the nails. If the deck is large take frequent breaks. You’re bound to make a mistake if you’re too tired.

If you’re building a deck for the first time, patience is needed. Taking stock of all the measurements can be tedious. But all that is necessary for producing a high quality deck that you can use.

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