How to Build a Concrete Slab

A concrete slab is a common structural foundation of modern buildings. They are made from steel reinforced concrete usually 10 to 15 centimeters thick. They are most often used in the construction of floors and ceilings. Thinner slabs, on the other hand, are used for making exterior pavement. Here we will learn the basics of how to build a concrete slab.

Determine The Distance of Your Slab

The first thing to do in how to build a concrete slab is to determine the size and distance of your concrete slab. With a spray paint or powdered chalk, mark the distance that will be covered by the concrete slab.

If it is located in a grassy area, you will be better off removing the grass with a shovel or digging an inch or two to remove them from the area where the concrete will be located. With a spade, you can divide the grass into strips so you can get rid of it as a sod.

Build A Mold

When you have determined the area and cleared excess grass and topsoil, the next step on how to build a concrete slab is to construct the mold.

Using straight and smooth boards found within the perimeter of your designated area, use screws to connect the mold together so that disassembly will be easy when the concrete has been set. With a level, straighten the top of the slab so it would not be crooked. Dig the ground for the lower portion of the mold when necessary.

When done, you should made a rectangular or square wooden frame on the corners of your designated area, slightly buried under the ground, connected by screws at the ends as well as where the two boards intersect.

Pour Concrete

The next step on how to build a concrete slab is to fill the lower portion of your mold with gravel and rocks before pouring concrete. This will allow you to consume rocks and gravels around your house as well as use less concrete when building your slab.

When mixing concrete, strictly follow the instructions indicated on the package, then pour the mold above the rocks or gravel placed inside the mold. Continue filling the mold until the concrete is even paving the way for a level surface.

Let the concrete set. You can put decorative rocks or decorations in the top portion of the mold when the concrete has become slightly firm. Leave the mold that way until the concrete is totally dry.

After the mold has dried up, slowly remove it beginning with the screws and then the individual boards. Using soil, you can occupy the depressions that were left in the dirt by the removed boards.

Likewise, you have an option to sow grass seed so that they will grow next to the slab. Another option is to use decorative fencing to indicate the edges of the slab.

These are the steps on how to build a concrete slab.

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