How to Build a Bar

If you want to build a bar, you’ve got to do more than just get some stools and stocking up on beer. These guidelines will help you set one up properly.

Needed Materials and Tools

Blueprint layout
Building material (the most popular are pine wood and oak)
Framing nails
Paint or stain
Cabinets (you can buy or make them)

Decide on the Location

This can be literally anywhere in your house. Think of the place where your friends would enjoy it most. It can be at a corner, near the music room or someplace else. Be sure that it is spacious enough. It should also be some distance from the TV or viewing room to avoid too much noise.

Taking Measurements

To build a bar right, you need to know the space it will use up. This includes the stools, the cabinets and the entire area. The length of the bar, its width and height would have to conform to the space available.

Decide Which Components to Include

The most basic will have a cabinet of drinks, stools and the spot where the drinks are served up. But there are other options. You can add a beer keg, a mini fridge and a liquor shelf. Others will incorporate a sink, faucet, blenders and other features. Electrical wiring can also be included.

Buying a basic construction plan can help you out. These are available in most stores. You don’t have to follow all the directions there to build a bar. But you can use it as a template to make your own designs.

Making the Bar Top

Get plywood, about ¾ in thick. This can be made from birch or oak. Add another layer. This can also be ¾ inches thick. You can use the same wood material. Use nails or adhesive to join the two layers. Others prefer to use up to four layers. This will be sturdier. You can decide how many layers to add but make sure the surface is flat.

Choosing Cabinets

The best material for cabinets is oak. This is also true for shelves. If you want to build a bar with custom cabinets start with a sketch. Cut some wood to make the frames. Drill holes in the frames so you can fit screws. Use only drywall screws. Sand any rough spots.

Finishing Touches

Staining the area where you serve drinks will make it more durable. You can put in as many as 4 coats or layers. The same process can be done on the cabinets and shelves.

Put in as many assorted beverages as possible. Have different glasses too. Aside from glassware for red and white wine, include martini, highball and more. You can also add a theme to the area. You can give it a retro 80s look, a high class polished appearance or anything else you can dream of.

Finally, remember that you want to build a bar to have good times with your friends. Enjoy the process. When you are done, ask your friends to drop over and let the fun begin.

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