How to Boil Eggs

Boiling eggs is the fastest and healthiest way to cook a simple yet nutritious meal. A whole boiled egg has proteins with all the important amino
acids and is easy to digest. It also has riboflavin and Vitamin B2. To get all these nutrients, this is how to boil eggs.


To start, prepare a small tin pot, 3 cups of clean water, and an egg. Thus, the proportion is 1:3 (3 cups water to an egg). Wash the eggshell
thoroughly, making sure no fowl dung residue or any dirt remains on it. Use soap and water if needed. Clean eggshells are vital on how to boil eggs for health purposes. It’s part of a healthy way to cook eggs.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Put eggs with water in a tin pot and cook on stove on high heat. Cover the pot. The water may take 10 minutes to boil. When boiling (when steam is
coming out of the cover), cook on low heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Make sure to take them out of the water before they crack. This is the proper timing on
how to boil eggs. There is nothing wrong with cracked hard boiled eggs except when one is after good eggshell presentation, like those used for Easter
egg hunts.

Sometimes, hard boiled eggs are difficult to peel. The white parts stick to the shell. This is due to lack of boiling time, and should be considered
well on how to boil eggs—otherwise, cooking will be messed up. And this may not help to accomplishing a healthy way to cook eggs.

Soft Boiled Eggs

Put eggs in a tin pot with water and cook on high heat. As soon as the water boils (there is profuse steam coming out of the cover) turn off the
heat and serve the eggs. When they are left in the boiling water minutes or even mere seconds after initial boiling, they may not come out as soft as
they’re supposed to be.

Be careful also not to serve them before the water starts boiling. They will turn out almost raw, if not raw. Timing is important even in a thing as
simple as how to boil eggs.

Simultaneous Cooking of Rice and Boiled Eggs

Here is a simpler way on how to boil eggs; even hitting two birds with one stone. When cooking rice, wait for the last 3 minutes for it to be
thoroughly cooked and steamed. When that time comes, put in the eggs, with their shells properly cleaned, on the hot steaming rice and cover. Let 3 to
4 minutes pass before turning the cooker off. This is a very healthy way of cooking eggs.

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