How to Bake Chicken

Here is a healthy way of cooking chicken with lots of fats and cholesterol taken out of it, yet all the goodness and tastiness kept intact. Learn
how to bake chicken!


The ingredients are simple. Just prepare 2 to 3 pounds of dressed fresh chicken all cut up in large pieces, some salt and pepper, fresh herbs (dried
ones are okay) like tarragon, rosemary, oregano, or thyme for an extra tasty, aromatic, and healthy way of cooking chicken. And healthy is how to bake chicken the best way.

The chicken may also be marinated (just apply marinating mixture). Some olive oil is also needed to prevent sticking on the roasting pan. When these
ingredients are prepared, all is set for a healthy way of cooking your food. Here is how to bake chicken:

Marinating the Chicken

Wash chicken pieces and pat dry. If marinating is considered, do so overnight. If possible, use Italian marinade dressing. This type is quite easy
to use: just place the chicken pieces on a bowl and pour the pack contents on it. Keep refrigerated overnight. However, marinating is purely optional.

In the Oven

Then prepare the oven, making sure the pan is clean, before preheating it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Coat the roasting pan with a layer of olive
oil, just enough to keep the chicken pieces from sticking to it. This is an important tip so that the baked chicken will come out whole and intact.
Then place the marinated chicken on the pan, sprinkle peppers and salt to taste, plus all the cooking herbs available. This is a very a healthy way of
cooking your bird.

Baking Proper

Bake for 50 minutes. Just let the chicken sit on the pan. Do not cover it with anything. Check the meat from time to time. Aside from judging it by
its appearance, use a meat thermometer to make sure the meat inside is cooked properly. For chicken breasts the reading should be 170 degrees
Fahrenheit, and for thighs, 180 degrees.

Another Cook Test

For a healthy way of cooking chicken, it is imperative to make sure the meat is cooked. Pinkish meat is unhealthy and unsafe to eat. Thus, aside
from meat thermometers, the final test is to use a sharp knife and slice through a thick part of the chicken–like the thigh–and see whether the color
is pinkish or white. Judge also by the juice oozing out of the meat. If it is still reddish, it still needs baking. This procedure is important so you
have not only a good tasting meal but also very healthy.

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