How Does Stress Affect Health?

Have you ever been told that you look older than you really are? Saddening as it may be, and even if you are unaware of it, stress can really be very apparent on your body if you don’t know how to properly manage it. Aside from physical effects brought about by stress, there are many health implications and risk that you may be subjecting yourself to when you keep on inviting stress to your body.

There are many forms and sources of stress. It can be physical, such as from exertion of too much effort by the muscles, leading to exhaustion or fatigue. Stress can be mental or emotional, from thinking too much or worrying too much. Whatever stress level you may be in, it is important to note what can possibly happen to you if you don’t de-stress yourself right away.

Did you know that medical sources say that about half of the American adult population experiences stress on a daily basis? And a huge percentage of these people go to their doctors to report about stress related ailments.

Stress manifests itself in different ways. On the skin, it can lead to pimples or acne, as well as wrinkles. It can make the skin paler or less firm, leading to bags under the eyes. Stress affects posture, and may also change the eating habits of a person. In some instances stress encourages a person to eat more, while in some cases, it deprives him of appetite.

For people who stress out their minds too much, they can later on suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, or even depression. For severe cases of stress, these mental ailments may be treated with medication or therapy. It has also been established that stress heightens the risk of heart failure for many people. Stress causes palpitations and even an increase in blood pressure.

For some men, emotional stress or work-related stress can be a factor that contributes to erectile dysfunction. For both men and women, stress increases the incidence of muscular pain, arthritis, and possibly even diabetes.

Though stress seems to be a natural part of the everyday hectic schedule for the average human being, there is a need to reduce it. Knowing how it can affect your health adversely should be reason enough for you to find ways of relaxing yourself. Take a break once in a while, keep a healthy diet, and have adequate sleep.

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