How Do I Find Proxies?

Proxies are always getting kicked off servers, or getting blocked by filters. This means that you cannot rely on one proxy, alone. By saying this statement, it does not mean that you need to gather up hundreds of links to different proxies, they are bound to go down/get blocked at around the same time.

Solution: You need to find sites that offer a reliable list of proxies, and update regularly (deleting proxies that experience down time). There are plenty out there, “proxy top sites.”

List of Reliable Proxy Top Sites

  • Proxy.Org – Proxy.Org offers a massive list of proxies – the staff of Proxy.Org are not very strict, and do not remove proxies that experience downtime frequently. Most of the proxies that are highlighted or that are listed near the top of the list are more reliable than the white listings/proxies listed near the bottom.
  • Tech FAQ – Tech FAQ’s top site is very reliable, new proxies are added/removed every day. They are automatically listed from newest to oldest, which is great if you’re trying to find a proxy that would not have already been blocked by your filter.
  • Good Waiter – Good Waiter has top quality proxies, if a proxy experiences a millisecond of downtime, they are removed from the list (automated). Every single proxy that is on the list will have 100% uptime.

Above are the most reliable proxy top sites available, but there is still the chance that you may need more back up. In order to find more top sites, look near the bottom of other proxies and you will see little banners linking back to top sites (not all proxies link back, some hotlink, but the majority do).

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